Meet The Ethiopian Boy With The Most Hypnotizing Eyes Ever: A Rare Condition Makes Them A Mesmerizing Blue


June 19, 2018 15:07 By Mambee

It's very likely that you've never seen a blue-eyed person of African origins, but that is going to change now. Abushe is a boy from Jinka, Southern Ethiopia, and his eyes are the brightest you'll ever see!

His beautiful eyes hide a very rare and unique condition. It's called Waardenburgh syndrome; in most cases, it affects people with light skin. 

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Only one out of 300,000 children is born with this rare genetic phenomenon that affects the pigmentation of their eyes. Waardenburgh syndrome is also known to be the cause of different degrees of deafness.

Abushe lives with his grandparents and dreams of becoming a soccer superstar, playing for his favorite soccer club, Barcelona, is his A-list dream. 

Abushe's parents can't afford paying for the cost of a daily bus ticket to and from school, and this is why the boy lives with his grandparents, who provide him with a precious opportunity to study.

The boy hopes to become a soccer player known all over the world. His hero is Lionel Messi, because the Argentinean is as special and as different from the rest as Abushe is.

One day, the house Abushe's family lived in was set on fire. As the house was made of hatch, adobe, and wood, the fire took hold quickly. Although many items were destroyed, Abushe managed to rescue his red soccer ball from the blaze.

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Now, this ball is a symbolic reminder of everything a young boy once had and of what he can still achieve. 

Initially, Abushe's parents assumed the boy was born blind and would never be able to see. However, as time went on, they understood that their child was special.

Since his parents live in poverty, they hardly know anything about Abushe's rare condition, let alone save enough momey for medical treatment. However, they truly believe that their son's unique appearance is a gift from God.

Although the boy looks amazing, his life isn't easy. Abushe often gets taunted and teased by his peers. His soccer playmates usually say that his eyes are 'plastic', and offend him because of his eye color.

Despite the odds, the boy never lets anyone get him down. He shows a great talent and promise in becoming a world-renowned soccer player. He hopes to be able to make enough money to look after his family and he won't give up on his dream of playing for his beloved Barcelona!

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