Dad Starts Singing, Then Son Joins With His Incredible Voice: Their Performanse Sends Shivers Down The Spine

When Jack and Tim appeared on Britain's Got Talent stage, no one knew that this duo would leave everyone in tears. As usual, the pair were asked about their lives, interests, and previous performances. 12-year-old Jack told that he had sung and played the guitar with his dad, 43-year-old Tim, since 5 years old. 

Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

Jack seemed to be pretty confident in his abilities and couldn't wait to demonstrate the judges what he could do.

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Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

Since the performance of the duo was aired, it has gone viral, and we can clearly see the reason - their original song 'The Lucky Ones' sends shivers down the spine!

When the two appeared on Britain's Got Talent stage, Jack was asked who was his favorite judge, and the boy answered - Simon Cowell. Then Simon posed another question about what the pair were going to sing for thousands of TV viewers.

Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

With no doubts, the duo explained that they write their own songs, saying a few words about the meaning of 'The Lucky Ones'.

Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

When judges discussed the song with the duo, they had no idea that in few minutes they - along with the whole audience - would be completely taken aback by the pair's performance.  

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Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

Before Tim and Jack started singing, Tim said the song was about family losses:

We’ve all had family losses and things like that, and as a father and son, it’s … a kind of father, son song, a family song, it’s about us.

So Jack added:

It’s about how lucky we are to have the things we have.

Without further ado, Tim and Jack began their incredible performance, and it's reasonable to say it went down a storm. In unison, son and father sang from the bottom of their souls, creating a moment judges and audience won't ever forget in a hurry.

Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

Afterward, Tim and Jack received a standing ovation from the teary-eyed crowd, but it was just the beginning. 

Britain's Got Talent / YouTube

Meanwhile, Tim's favorite judge Simon Cowell could do nothing but give them the gold buzzer!

Just because their incredible performance is one of the best you've ever seen on the talent contests, watch the video below to get goosebumps, similar to those we have at the moment.

We can't wait to see more of Tim and Jack, as the duo looks perfect together! The bond that ties the father and the son is the strongest existing kind of connection ever, and Tim and Jack seem to be the best testimony to it!

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