The Queen of the Dark: Sudanese Woman Celebrates Becoming A Fashion Model After Being Told To Bleach Her Skin By An Uber Driver

Date September 21, 2018

24-year old model Nyakim Gatwech is challenging fashion beauty standards with her really, really black skin, which she loves and celebrates to bits.

The model from South Sudan is breaking the barriers imposed by traditional beauty standards, encouraging others to accept what was given to them by nature.

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The 24-year-old woman, who lives in Minneapolis now, is not embarrassed by her skin color and wants the entire world to hear her message.

After using her Instagram account to challenge perceptions of conventional beauty, Nyakim Gatwech has attracted 410,000 followers. Gatwech, who has taken Instagram by storm with her inspiring posts about the beauty of black women, now appears on covers of international magazines and is considered a burgeoning fashion icon. 

Using the hashtag #melaninmonday, Gatwech was given a symbolic nickname - 'Queen of the Dark' - which she accepts with pride.

The model became a fashion icon, turning negatives into positives with poems about black confidence and beauty. Although Nyakim is popular worldwide, she still receives discouraging racist comments.

Before the South Sudanese woman reached stardom, her pigmented complexion was far from being a celebrated phenomenon: She was often publically shamed because of her skin color.

A turning point in Gatwech's life was when one Uber driver asked her a provocative question.

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The cab driver wondered whether Nyakim would bleach her skin for money. Of course, she said: 'No.'

Out of curiosity, Nyakim asked the Uber driver why he would wonder about it. He responded that life would be easier for her if she was lighter.

The driver insisted that bleaching her skin would open more doors, both concerning job opportunities and romantic relationships. Nyakim then admitted that, even so, she would rather take the hard road, which shows how strong and determined this woman is.

According to Yahoo Beauty, Nyakim Gatwech has faced racist attitudes ever since she was a child. When she was in school, peers told her things like: 'You black as hell, take a shower.'

Instead of breaking into tears, the woman decided to embrace her nature even more.

Today Nyakim takes pride in her 'dark chocolate black' skin, saying:

Black is bold, black is beautiful, black is gold.

Gatwech remains an advocate for self-respect and love, making the powerful message about black rights be heard worldwide.

It is essential to appreciate yourself no matter what others say. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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