Heart-Wrenching Story Of Holocaust Survivor Who Saved Life Of Pregnant Woman In Concentration Camp With Just A Piece Of Chocolate

Date June 12, 2018 15:44

Few people can begin to imagine the sheer terror the Holocaust brought upon many lives, except those people who went through it firsthand. For those who experienced the drama of concentration camps, the memories will never be far away.

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At just 8 years of age, Francine Christophe was taken to the Bergen-Belsen camp. Her mom then saved a piece of chocolate as a sort of comfort for whenever a  moment of absolute hopelessness struck.

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However, when one pregnant woman in the camp was about to welcome her baby with no painkillers or medical care, Francine's mom asked her daughter to do something deeply compassionate.

Christophe's mom decided to make a touching sacrifice, giving her daughter's chocolate to that hopeless pregnant woman. 8-year-old Francine realized how painful and unbearable giving birth in those circumstances may be, so she gave everything she had to help that woman.

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Francine told her mom that she was fine with it, and passed her chocolate bar to her, and she has never regretted this warmhearted decision.

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Both mother and baby survived. Six months down the line, the camp was freed and all its victims were sent home. /

Years have passed them by. Christophe became a French writer and poet, sharing her experience of living in  a camp and leaving message about humanitarianism and hope to a mass audience.

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One day, Christophe organized in a conference dedicated to a topic she knew quite well - 'If the Survivors of Concentration Camps Had Had Counseling.'

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The event attracted an array of people, from camp survivors to psychologists and psychiatrists. And, when a speaker took the stage, she began by delivering a small, yet precious, gift to Christophe.

Can you guess what it was?

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It was a piece of chocolate, and the woman was that baby rescued in a concentration camp 70 years ago. It was such an overwhelmingly emotional and touching moment. You can see Christophe recollecting these memories below.

This story proves that even in the darkest of times, one kind gesture can make the world a better place. This is what Francine did both to herself and to that pregnant woman.

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