Fourth-Grader's Version Of John Lennon's Classic "Imagine" W

Fourth-Grader's Version Of John Lennon's Classic "Imagine" Wows Millions Of People And Becomes A True Internet Sensation!


June 7, 2018 10:37 By Mambee

We all enjoy observing how talented people can be, especially when it comes to kids. This performance of John Lennon's classic hit by a 10-year-old boy left the audience at Lakeside Elementary School stunned. But, then, the little boy didn't know it would soon move millions!

The performance of this Minnesota fourth-grader's could move everyone to tears, and that's the reason his rendition of Lennon's 'Imagine' has recently gone viral. 

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Michelle Cavarnos Kornowski / Facebook

This little boy's name is Adam Kornowski. When he sat down at the piano to perform Lennon's hit, he stunned a small group of viewers in an elementary school in Chicago, Minnesota.

The video footage of the performance first stunned the population of Chicago, gaining 5, 000 views. However, in less than 2 weeks, 8 million people on social media have enjoyed Adam's performance. 

Nestor Rizhniak /

The boy's mom, Michelle Kornowski, posted the video on her Facebook page. When the boy's rendition of the popular song reached the masses, Michelle said she couldn't keep up with the overwhelming attention from amazed viewers.

Michelle Cavarnos Kornowski / Facebook

When the boy was singing, there wasn't a parent sitting with a dry eye in the room. When Adam's performance came to an end, the boy received a standing ovation from the audience, and the applause seemed to last forever.

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Adam's singing and piano skills have repeatedly stunned the viewers because it is a rare 10-year-old boy that can play and sing like Adam does. It's probably the reason why Adam's performance has reached the masses. Now, the video has almost 11 million views! 

Antonia Guillem /

Even though this particular performance went viral in a matter of  weeks, it wasn't the first time his renditions were recorded. Adam has been playing since he was 5 years old, and his parents had already posted one of his amazing performances on YouTube. The boy sang the legendary 'Hallelujah', by Cohen, in the past. 

Michelle Cavarnos Kornowski / Facebook

There's no doubt, Adam's versions of Lennon's song is stunning. As Adam sits at the piano and begins to play the first notes, his clear and soft voice makes everyone cut through the everyday noise and listen breathlessly.

You can watch Adam's incredible performance below!

This little boy has a unique talent, made even more special by his young age: he can touch people with the power of his voice and music. Don't you agree?

Source: CBSNews

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