This Couple Said “I Do” While Suspended On A Rope Net Above A Canyon In Utah


October 11, 2018 12:12 By Mambee

With over a million other places to get married in the world, Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin decided to be adventurous and get married above a canyon in Utah. Well, marriage is a beautiful thing and even more beautiful when you find the love of your life.


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What inspired this idea?

The Californian couple are not only bursting minds with this amazing and daring idea, they have also taken their wedding to a whole new groundbreaking level. The couple’s wedding idea was sprung and inspired by their mutual love for slacklining.

They decided to get married on a rope net, which was also where they got engaged a year before their wedding. This might seem crazy to some people, especially if you have a thing with heights. For Kimberly and Ryan, though, it was about getting married in their comfort zone; a place of mutual love.

The rope net was made and put in place by their best man, who is a professional sports athlete. He made sure the rope net was safe for his friends, as it was to be place of their perfect celebration of love.


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Wedding highlights

The wedding ceremony was the foreground to a beautiful scene, as the couple had aerial artists perform on silks underneath the rope net where they stood as they yelled their “hell yeahs”. They also had 10 flower girls, who were excited to jump in their tutus as they threw rose petals about. It was truly a dream wedding.

Kimberly Weglin posted their wedding pictures on her Instagram account, @theslackgoddess. In the post, she appreciated her friends and families for having helped make her day a success. She also shared loving words about her husband and how she had the perfect wedding.


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To crown the day, the couple decided to exchange traditional wedding rings - handmade with soft shackles. The cute rings also had a piece of gear used to rig high lines, and the bride's was designed to look like a diamond and flower.

Would you also want such an amazing and daring setting for your wedding??

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