Talented Gymnast Wows Audience With Her Incredible Michael Jackson-Inspired Routine


April 20, 2018 14:51 By Mambee

Katelyn Ohashi's recent performance in March captured the attention of many. The former USA junior national gymnast stunned judges and audience alike when she performed a Michael Jackson-inspired routine. 

NCAA Gymnastics / YouTube

The 20-year-old is now part of the UCLA gymnastics team and during their performance against Oregon State on February 25, Katelyn was a star.


Her team was already on their way to victory when it became Katelyn's turn to bring it home. She needed to score more than a 9.6 from the judges to help her team reach the 198 score this season - a first for them.

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Katelyn did not disappoint. She dazzled the audience as she performed a truly flawless routine that included some tumbling lines and a very much appreciated Michael Jackson dance flavor.

NCAA Gymnastics / YouTube

She had a big smile on her face and there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Katelyn was loving every minute of it. Each move she made drew an applause from the crowd.

In the end, it was no surprise that she was given the perfect 10 score. Her team achieved the season-best score while also being the winner of the day.

NCAA Gymnastics / YouTube

When Katelyn was on the USA junior national gymnastics team, she caused quite the stir by speaking about being abused by her coaches.

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In a personal essay titled Behind The Madness, the gymnast revealed that as a child, she loved going to the gym.


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However, when the 'elite atmosphere' came in, her joy in the sport was replaced by fear and dread. She no longer experienced the support as things got pretty bad.

She clarified that she was not sexually abused but suffered mental and verbal torture. 

Katelyn Ohashi / Instagram

Katelyn urged that it was time for a change and for reports of unhealthy treatment of young gymnasts to be responded to instead of being "swept under the rug."

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Source: DailyMail