Bride With 4 Stage Cancer Thrives At Her Wedding Despite The Doctor's Warnings She Wouldn't Live Up To That Day

Date April 19, 2018 15:27

Love conquers it all! There are many living proofs of its powerful force, and this couple is one of them. Meet Michael and Laurin Bank – people in love who fight with Laurin’s cancer and do not let it control their life. / Facebook


Despite the doctor’s warning that the woman would not make it to her own wedding day, they did not rush with their nuptials anyway. They set a special date for March 30 – the third anniversary since their first date, and they made it happen! / Facebook


In 2014, Laurin Bank was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. She was just 29 years old, full of passion for life, so she decided not to give up and fight back the disease. / Facebook


At the beginning of 2015, the doctors overjoyed her with the news that she was cancer-free! The chemotherapy, radiation and a double mastectomy did their work, and Laurin could not be happier.

Unfortunately, cancer tends to come back, so it crushed the young woman again in 2017. This time, the news was not much promising.

The new diagnosis was shocking: stage four cancer that metastasized to the bones, liver, and lungs.

Laurin told People, that she did not plan to surrender. She had a goal to use any treatment the medics can offer, and pit all the strength against an enemy.

The doctors were not that optimistic so they advised the bride-to-be to hurry up with the wedding day. They assumed she could be too weak to walk on her own and might need an oxygen mask and a wheelchair.

The woman said No! She didn’t want cancer to control her life, she felt the strength to fight, and she knew she could walk down the aisle on her own.

And she made it! On March 30, dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown, hairless, but glowing from happiness, she said “I do” to the man of her life.

The wedding day was the best day ever. I was so shocked that I made it! I felt good and I felt strong. It was an emotional morning. As I walked down the aisle to him, I was just bursting with joy and happiness because I was so excited to marry him

Now Laurin’s health is getting better. Besides her strong will, there is a major support from her husband Michael, who stays beside her during the fierce struggle for life.  

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