"Dreams Come True, So Did Mine": 21-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome Walks The Runway At New York Fashion Show

Date September 11, 2018 15:40

This young model has inspired the world as she walked the runway at New York Fashion Week. 21-year-old Marian Avila from Spain was born with Down Syndrome, yet, she overcame the impossible. Her childhood dream became reality, as she stepped out to the catwalk of a fashion show, supported by her parents and siblings from the audience.

Avila became a very busy model, working with numerous modeling agencies and leading fashion magazines, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.


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According to FoxNews, the girl loved the runway! But what she does isn’t just fun, she carries an important message to the world, especially to women with disabilities. “I wanted to show the world that there are no barriers.”

Fashion designer Talisha White, who invited Avile to participate on the runway, intends to demonstrate that diversity is beautiful. She has also had an amputee, a woman on a wheelchair, a breast cancer survivor, and a woman wearing hijab on her show. She paid attention to the extraordinary beauty of Marian, already noting that her diagnosis could not stand on her way.