Street Art: Stunning Paintings Interact With The Environment In An Incredibly Smart Way

Date May 28, 2018

3D street art, also referred to as 3D chalk, is a 2-dimensional work of art drawn on busy city streets. This type of art creates a sort of 3-dimensional optical illusion when observed from a certain perspective, and it's breathtaking!

Once you find the correct angle, you get an incredible view - that's what we like most about 3d street art.

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Natalia Rak / Blogger

Street art paintings shake up the urban environments in the most creative ways! People get a completely fresh view on the streets and neighborhoods that once were familiar to them.

Nowadays, street art is popular across the globe. Though it as a term is commonly associated with spray paint art and graffiti, it actually comes in a wide variety of types and forms.

Sometimes street artists go one step further and create the impossible - the images that don't just adorn the world surrounding them but also interact with it in the smartest ways. 

Check out some of these amazing pieces below to see how it looks like!

Hot river. Almost the entire street was taken to create the effect of earth cracking! It's a breathtaking and a wee bit horrifying view!

Raft. When the street is flooded, the raft is the only way to reach the other side.

Mysterious cave. There's no need to travel all over the world looking for head-scratching places - sometimes all you need is just to look at what's right under your feet.

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Публикация от QuEnTiN (@quentinwrx14)

A place to rest. This painting interacts with the busy street in London in such a creative way!


Hole. It's just another piece of art showing what beauties may hide behind the concret of the cities!


Crazy river. This drawing transforms the image of an ordinary urban street into a piece of wild, untouched nature.


Публикация от Widewalls (@wdwlls)

Waterfall. This picture just shows what a remarkable artwork can be found in an ordinary shopping mall!

Cup of coffee. Whoever crosses this street feels an intense cappuccino smell and falls in love with this energy-boosting drink!

Occupational stress. This painting shows what day-to-day working in an office is like.

Ice age. This drawing provides some freshness in the hottest days of the summer!


Whatever purpose these talented artists have - brightening up the streets, showing off their talents, finding a new canvas for their illustrations - their artwork is simply incredible! Which one is your favorite?

Source: Hongkiat, BoredPanda

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