Big Fluffy Dog Livens Up TV Weather Forecast By Casually Strolling Behind Weatherman


May 14, 2018 10:29 By Mambee

It looks like the weatherman's calling for fur and even a lot of it! At least that was the case in WMUR-TV local news station when the weather forecast was casually interrupted by a giant fluffy, four-legged friend.

Working as a TV meteorologist, you might think that there isn't anything Josh Judge can't predict - but he certainly didn't expect this massive fluffy dog's coming.

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WMUR-TV / YouTube

During his weekend forecast, weatherman Josh Judge was freaked out to see a big Newfoundland dog walking just behind him straight on air.

WMUR-TV / YouTube

Smack-dab in the middle of the forecast, a big encroacher decided to steal the attention and breeze throughout of the blue! Of course, this wasn't the element of the script.

WMUR-TV / YouTube

Recalling this moment later, Josh Judge said: 

It was very early in the morning and all I knew was that as I’m doing the weather, I suddenly see a dog walking behind me.

Josh couldn't believe his eyes and even had to pause for a microsecond to make sure what he was seeing was actually real!

WMUR-TV / YouTube

Turns out, the fluffy pooch was supposed to be in the studio - but not in Judge's program.

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Bella is the lovable dog belonging to John's colleague, weekend news anchor Amy Coveno.

Amy Coveno / Facebook

Coveno had brought her lovable dog to the studio to be featured in a forthcoming program about veterinarians, but evidently, Bella decided to steal the attention of the audience much earlier!

Amy Coveno / Facebook

Sure enough, Bella has no regrets. And ultimately, the unpredictable incident was transformed into the best part of the weather forecast. Later Covena admitted that the audience seemed to enjoy such a surprise!

Amy Coveno / Facebook

Covena was terrified that Josh would be mad at her for the incident, but he has always been a pro! He turned the trouble into the part of the forecast, check out the video below to see how professionally he did it.

Sure enough, John Judge knows what he's doing. But, to be honest, we'd easily agree with one of weatherman's Twitter followers, who has a good idea: Why aren't there more four-legged friends in the news and weather segments? Hopefully, we'll see Bella in one of the forecasts again!

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