105-Year-Old Grandpa Sits At Bus Stop Every Day Selling Steamed Buns To Support His Sick Son

Date July 15, 2019

They say a parent's job is never done and the story of an elderly man toiling day and night for his sick son is surely proof of that.

The story of a 105-year-old man named Tsao first got the attention of people all over the world when a Facebook page shared a picture of him hard at work.

In the post, it was revealed that the man sold steamed buns (or "mantou") by a bus stop every day. The poster explained that the man's mantou might not have been as fancily packaged as most but they were really good and people should patronize him.

The poster revealed that they bought the man's entire stock and even purchased dinner for him. Tsao was so excited that he even wanted to give them some money for the food but they refused. Those who saw him could not help but be awed by the hardworking man.

The poster said Tsao always greeted customers with a smile and was a generally happy and kind person.

According to local reports, Tsao was eventually tracked down and the elderly man revealed that he was working hard to be able to help foot his sick son's medical expenses.

When people heard his story, they were shocked and amazed. Many offered to donate to the old man and, as a result, a GoFundMe page was set up for this purpose. The page was created by Tony Hu who assured that the money would go into alleviating some of Tsao's son's medical bills.

Tony stated that it was unfair for a man to be working so hard at such an old age and he felt people should contribute towards ensuring he led a more stress-free life. The donations that came in surpassed the $2000 goal as people pitched in with whatever they had.

The hope is that Tsao might be able to get some more rest if the money successfully helped take care of his sick child. Isn't it amazing how kindhearted people rose up to the occasion to help this man?

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