This Family Motivated One Another To Lose A Total Weight Of 487 Pounds: It Is Incredible How Much They Have Changed!


January 10, 2019 11:35 By Mambee

Sometimes you need motivation in order to achieve a particular goal. Who better to support you than your family? Family motivation is one of the three types of encouragement that can make someone accomplish anything.

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This Family Motivated One Another To Lose A Total Weight Of 487 Pounds: It Is Incredible How Much They Have Changed!Monkey Business Images /

A study from the Academy of Management Journal on a group of factory workers who performed routine tasks without any reward showed productivity thanks to the ‘family factor.’ This phenomenon can also be seen in Sarah Bentley’s family.

The family weight loss journey

Sarah Bentley and her husband, Dave would always eat out, consuming all the fatty foods you can imagine. In addition to this, they had a bad eating schedule, eating nothing all day and sitting in front of the TV munch on pizzas, ice cream, and the likes in the evenings.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the weight to pile on: Sarah hit 280 lbs and Dave got to 347 lbs.

This affected their happiness and self-esteem. In January 2014, Sarah was introduced to a fitness company and she signed up. She said in an interview with People,

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I just had a mindset switch.”

She started losing weight almost instantly and changed her diet to healthier foods.

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Dave was unsure about the program at first, but seeing the change in Sarah’s body and even her newfound energy and happiness, he immediately jumped on the healthy train.

Her parents were also overweight. Her mom, Debbie, weighed 299 lbs and was dealing with rheumatoid arthritis; her dad, Steve, had reached 410lbs and been diagnosed as morbidly obese and pre-diabetic.

Her change also inspired them to make an effort and, four months later, in April, they joined the program.

By 2018, they had all made fantastic progress. Sarah dropped 110lbs, her husband,137 lbs and Steve and Debbie lost 121 lbs and 119 lbs, respectively.

They’re doing things they could never do before, and this experience has brought them closer.

Some exercises to help you lose weight

You can be like Sarah, too. Is your weight making you unhappy? Or would you like to shed only those extra kilos? Here are some tips to help you with that:

1. You need to exercise your muscles every day to get them well toned;

2. For your back, you can do exercises such as a bird dog and back bow;

This Family Motivated One Another To Lose A Total Weight Of 487 Pounds: It Is Incredible How Much They Have Changed!LMproduction /

3. Sprinting arms is a very effective workout for your arms;

4. Static lunge is one exercise that will help you tone your hip muscles effectively.

Remember! You need to eat healthily and at the right time.

Congratulations to Sarah and her family for their victory. They are proof that anything is possible when you have your family's support.

We hope their new health choices bring them as much happiness as they want.

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