10-Year Old Boy With Autism Awes Judges With His Performance On Britain's Got Talent

Date December 17, 2018

Our beauty lies in what makes us different, and this young boy has proved his differences don’t make him any less talented.

What is autism?  

It is a complex neurobehavioral condition which leads to difficulty in social interaction, language and communication skills.

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10-Year Old Boy With Autism Awes Judges With His Performance On Britain's Got TalentRoman Yanushevsky /

Rigid and repetitive behaviors characterize a person with autism. Children with autism usually have problems understanding how others think or feel.

They also can't adequately express their own emotions. All these attributes of autistic children didn’t stop Calum from stealing the spotlight at a contest show.

Calum gets four 'Yeses' 

Calum Courtney is a 10-year old boy, who is always lively and has two dogs. However, he has mild autism.

Regardless, Calum doesn’t let his condition stop him from achieving great heights. He has the most angelic voice ever.

10-Year Old Boy With Autism Awes Judges With His Performance On Britain's Got TalentBritain's Got Talent / YouTube

In the word's of the harsh Simon Cowell, Calum has ‘soul.’

In the video, Calum can be seen auditioning for the favorite show Britain’s Got Talent.

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He comes ready for the show, and his family is around to support him.

He appears on stage and when asked if he was nervous he says he isn't. Judge Simon Cowell didn’t look too encouraged at first, but the moment Calum opened his mouth, the crowd was in awe.  

His performance had both the audience and the four judges on their feet, applauding him.

Calum gets emotional, bursting into tears of joy, as his younger brother and mom rush to the stage to comfort him. It's very heartwarming to see such support from his family.

What an amazing boy!

Of course, with a talent like that, Calum has quickly gotten popular. People all over the internet have commended his confidence and fantastic voice.

This talented youngster has proven that nothing should stop you from pursuing your dreams. A little determination can get you to achieve them all!

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