Innovative! A Pastry Chef From Russia Becomes An Internet Sensation After Her Eccentric Cake Designs Surfaced Online


April 9, 2019 14:59 By Mambee

Art is a form of expression that can be elucidated through several mediums. For Elena Gnut, it is pastry, and she is excelling wonderfully at it.

Elena is a chef from Kaliningrad, Russia, and she has become an internet sensation because of her exceptional and innovative cake designs.

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As a result of her sophisticated and unique cake designs, the 31-year-old pastry chef has over 270K followers on Instagram.

Elena is not limited to one form of art, as she also draws on her cake to execute various outcomes, which include traditional, exquisite and distinctive fairytale-like cakes.


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Her cakes make quite an impression on whoever comes across them. Overlooking the classy designs of the cake is impossible.

One of her designs is a cake made to appear as an open book, with flowers on both pages. However, on one page the flowers were still healthy, while on the other, the flowers had decayed.


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Another unique design is a Christmas themed cake whose interior resembles a fireplace, and the exterior features candles, socks, snow, and trees.


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Also, she has created shapes of several animals including an antelope, a dragon, an ostrich, a bunny, a puppy and, of course, the king of the jungle: a lion.

In addition, Elena devised exclusive cake designs inspired by movies like The Lion King, Batman, Deadpool, Spiderman, Frozen, and others.


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Elena is indeed a gifted artist. We applaud her innovations as she is undeniably one of the best in her field. Hopefully, this exposure is the beginning of many new projects for her.

Are you a lover of art? Here is a quick and easy DIY tutorial to help you to enjoy.


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