45-Year-Old Mother Thought She Had Cancer Until She Went To The Doctors And Found Out She Was Pregnant!


January 9, 2019 13:43 By Mambee

Getting pregnant and having a baby is a beautiful thing, a wonderful work of nature. As a result of an increase in technology, there has been a high rise in assisted reproductive technology (ART) that helps older women get pregnant, as the possibility of conceiving a child decreases as age increases.

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45-Year-Old Mother Thought She Had Cancer Until She Went To The Doctors And Found Out She Was Pregnant!Cultura Motion / Shutterstock.com

At 40, your chance of conceiving within a year is about 40 to 50 percent, compared with a woman in her mid-30s, who has a 75-percent chance. However, there are some special cases, like Janie’s.

A miracle baby

Janie Furner, 45, and mother of 20-year-old Mia, experienced some weird symptoms like nausea, and as every person seems to do nowadays, she went on Google to find out what the problem was.

Her Google search made her believe she had ovarian cancer, so she went to the hospital in fear. However, during the scan, the doctor told her she was 17 weeks pregnant!

This news was unexpected. Janie and her husband Gary, 43, were just about to begin a new chapter in their lives. Their daughter had just moved out, and they were going to enjoy their retirement. They had even booked a luxury 5-star hotel in Greece, but nature had other plans for them.

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Janie couldn't believe her ears. She had issues giving birth to her first daughter, so she and her husband decided to quit after that. She had long forgotten the stress and tiredness that came with newborns.

Their miracle baby, Oliver, was born was in October, through C-section, and he weighed 5 pounds, 7 ounces. He couldn't have come at a better time, as the Christmas the year before had been rough for the family as Gary lost his dad, Phillip.

Speaking to Fox News, Janie said:

“I’m back to sleepless nights, endless nappy changing and breastfeeding. I didn’t picture my year to turn out the way it has, but I’m now spending Christmas with my miracle baby.”

It must have been such a wonderful Christmas for Janie and Gary thanks to their bundle of joy.

Being a mother over 40

Diaper, bottles, napkins and the whole lot: how do you deal with it? Here are some tips:

  • Gather your support team; you'll need them to embark on the journey;
  • Be ready to spend: Create a contingency plan that would help accommodate your newborn;

45-Year-Old Mother Thought She Had Cancer Until She Went To The Doctors And Found Out She Was Pregnant!Dasha Petrenko / Shutterstock.com

  • Be prepared for the hormonal changes;
  • Get ready to make personal and professional changes.

Although pregnancy over 40 might be rare, nature sometimes hands out a gift when you least expect it, and it is best to be prepared for it.

In the event you notice anything different about your body, visit your doctor for a professional assessment.

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