Husband Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary With His Wife By Singing ‘You And Me Against The World’ While Holding Her Close

Date March 28, 2019

We all adore love stories! Marriage is a beautiful thing but, unfortunately, most unions don’t seem to last these days so it feels good to know some have stood the test of time.

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Martin and Rose Napolitano live in Scranton, Pennsylvania. On June 15, 2016, they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. A whopping 70 years, indeed!

It was definitely a milestone worth celebrating. To mark the event, Martin serenaded Rose with Helen Reddy’s song ‘You and Me Against The World.’

True to the song, it’s really been Martin and Rose against the world, and their love helped them conquer it all.

In the video taken by a family member, he held her close to his heart and rendered the song, singing the lyrics from his heart. Martin said to his lovely wife:

“We did it, honey, We did it. Our grandchildren are proud we did it. 90 and 91― we did it. We did it right to the top.”

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Martin, however, died in October 2016, and this made the memorable video all the more precious. His memory would forever be kept alive with his wife, his children, and grandchildren.

Stories like this restore hope in humanity. They tell us that there still a chance for love amidst all the hate and violence out there. We hope this story inspires someone to give love a chance.

Love is a fragile thing. Without care, it fades away like a flower in the dessert. Here is another powerful video story for you.

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