5-Year-Old Boy Becomes Instagram Sensation Due To His Fit Physique And Acrobatic Skills


December 5, 2018 11:04 By Mambee

A little boy named Arat has been making waves on the internet because of the physical activities he engages in and how fit he has become. Many people do not believe this should be the case, though. 


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Age-appropriate play

His physical strength and agility are impressive indeed, but isn't he doing too much for his age? According to the NHS, examples of appropriate physical activities for a boy of Arat's age include running around, jumping, riding a bike, dancing, swimming, skipping rope, and gymnastics.


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Keeping that in mind, the internet is of two minds on whether Arat is overdoing things and if his activities can be harmful. According to a website dedicated to the boy, Arat's father began training him for gymnastics and acrobats when he was one year old. 


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His dad discovered that Arat had a talent for the sport at the age of 7 months and, by the time he turned three, he was able to do heavy acrobatics such as handstands, jumping tall heights and balancing.


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Arat's dad, Mohammad Hosseini, was sure about the boy's skill when he watched the child do a backflip while swinging from a horizontal bar when he was 7 months old.

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Months later, he was inspired to create an Instagram account for the boy so the world could see how talented he was. 

I was not familiar with this social network formerly. Arat’s Instagram page has been admitted not only by Iranian people but also by other countries people.


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Arat Hosseini has proven to the world that he's talented, but there are those who believe the boy and his dad are pushing things a little too far. 

Recognizing the signs of abuse

Before accusing Mohammad of abusing his son, perhaps we should learn what it looks like when a child is being abused. Here are some signs

5-Year-Old Boy Becomes Instagram Sensation Due To His Fit Physique And Acrobatic SkillsNatalia Lebedinskaia / Shutterstock.com

  1. Signs of malnutrition;
  2. Being overly depressed or withdrawn;
  3. Extreme aggression and inappropriate behavior;
  4. Constantly distressed and fearful of adults;
  5. Severe anxiety;
  6. Unexplained bruises, torn clothing and changes in usual behavior.

You can find out more information about the types of abuse here.

From the posts on Instagram, it really does seem like Arat is happy with what he's doing. and probably isn't being coerced. His father seems loving and caring as well. Perhaps this is just a case of a child enjoying his talent a little too much. What do you think?

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