Little Boy's Heartwarming Reaction To A Woman Who Has The Same Missing Limb As Him


January 9, 2019 16:51 By Mambee

It is simply heartwarming to see people who choose to celebrate their differences instead of feeling bad about them. One way to foster this type of acceptance is to be reminded that you're not alone in your struggles. This little boy's reaction proves just that.

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Joseph Tidd is one year old and he is already taking comfort in knowing there are people out there like him. Joseph was born with a congenital condition, which left him without a fully formed left arm. 

His mother, Colleen, joined the Lucky Fin Project, a support network of people with different types of limb differences, to get some support on helping her son thrive. This group has been a source of help and comfort for both Colleen and her husband, as they help 15-month-old Joseph navigate through life without one of his limbs.

While speaking to People, the mom said she decided to organize a meet-up near her home so members of the group could get to meet each other. She felt it would be helpful to Joseph as well to meet others like him. 

At the get-together, Colleen and Joseph met a woman named Amy Alamillo Siesel, who was born with an underdeveloped right arm. Amy said that she was constantly bullied as a child and felt insecure for years. However, as she became an adult, her self-confidence increased and she fully embraced her limb difference.

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During that gathering, Amy met Joseph for the first time. The 34-year-old woman reached out to give the boy a fist-bump but upon noticing their similarities, Joseph lunged towards Amy and gave her a sweet hug instead.

It was such a powerful moment for many reasons. According to Colleen, Joseph had not really wanted to be touched until he met Amy. 

This meetup was originally more for me than it was for him since he’s so young, but for him to have realized that he has someone that’s like him — it just hit. It was comforting.

Amy was also touched by Joseph's gesture. She said:

When he came over to hug me I felt like my heart might explode… I never imagined he’d melt into my arms that way.

She revealed that everyone who witnessed the moment was in awe. She also added that meeting Joseph was one encounter she will cherish forever.

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