Lucky Man Buys A Storage Container For $500. He Opens It To Find A Safe Containing $7.5 Million Inside

Date November 27, 2018 15:36

'Storage Wars star Dan Dotson recently revealed that he found out he sold a storage unit for $500 and the buyer ended up finding $7.5 million in cash in it. 

In an interview with The Blast, Dotson and his wife, Laura, said a woman approached them both at one of his auctions to say her husband worked with the guy who purchased the unit. 

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The unidentified lucky buyer took the safe to a locksmith, who broke it open, and that was how the $7.5 million cash was discovered. Apparently, an attorney for the former owners of the safe then offered the buyer $600,000 in exchange for the cash he found. 

The new owner declined this deal, but they have settled on $1.2 million so he would have to return the remaining $6.3 million. The Dotson's co-star Rene Nezhoda suspected that the cash could be mafia or cartel-related. In her opinion, finding that kind of money in such a place is proof that it's probably not clean money, or else it would have been in a bank. 

Dan and Laura said that this was an unprecedented event, and that locker was the most valuable they had ever sold. 

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Even though he didn't get to keep all the money, that buyer must still consider himself very lucky. He now gets to keep $1.2 million after spending just $500 on the purchase. 

What would you do?

Of course, situations like this often begs the question: What would you do if it were you? It's no surprise that many have taken to social media to express their opinion of what the buyer should have done. 

It sure sounds like the money was probably not legitimately made, anyway. It would probably have been safer for the man to wash his hands off it.

That's probably why he settled for the million dollar offer. Do you think he should have fought harder for the $7.5 million which he found fair and square?

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