Artist Turned 110-Year-Old Dead Tree Into A Free Library, And The Result Is Breathtaking!


January 10, 2019 18:41 By Mambee

This mini library has attracted a lot of attention! Yes, it was built inside an old dead tree and it’s free for the readers. “Take a book, share a book” – the sign on the door reads, and it inspires people to come in, borrow some fiction, and take a look at the amazing work by Sharalee Armitage Howard, from Idaho.

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The woman said that the core of the old cottonwood tree started to rot, so they decided to remove the branches, which would fall on the road and create danger for drivers. Usually, the lifespan of these trees is 40 or 50 years, although some specimens live up to 150 years.

The cottonwood tree in Howard’s yard was 110 years old. That huge stump gave the artist the idea to create a free library out of it. Moreover, that was something she had been dreaming of for quite a while.

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Howard’s creation is a pleasure to the eye! It looks cozy due to the inside and outside lights, the glass door and the cute roof above it. There are stairs from the road leading to the root of the tree.

Needless to say, the idea of a free library in the tree was supported by many Internet users! They didn’t hold back from expressing their admiration on Facebook.

The artist wrote:

It's awesome to know that there are so many people out there that appreciate how art (in any form) quite simply, makes the world a cooler place to live in.

Art unites people! In addition, Howard’s idea encourages people to read without having to spend money on buying books. Thus, the number of visitors and books exchanged in her cozy tree might be the best reward the woman could ever receive.

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