Can You Form 4 Equal Triangles? These Puzzles May Reveal Whether You Can Think Logically

Date January 29, 2019

Logic is a crucial thinking skill for everyone. And it’s wrong to think that it is only those working in Mathematics or Science who need it. Everyday life is full of questions and dilemmas that we may approach with logic.

Can You Form 4 Equal Triangles? These Puzzles May Reveal Whether You Can Think LogicallyPeshkova /

It’s an ability to plan and analyze and consider reasons that gives us plenty of benefits in decision-making.

Are you up to checking how well your logic works? 

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We are here to offer you 3 logical puzzles, which may boost your cognitive abilities and show you how brain-trained you are.

1. Move three buttons

In the picture below, you can see a triangle formed with buttons. It points upwards. Your task is to move three buttons to make the figure point downwards.

Only three buttons should be moved. Take your time to think of ways to do it. Ready to find out the right answer? Then click on the image.

2. Draw a house

Here is a little house formed with geometrical figures. Can you draw it in one stroke only? Two main conditions are: you should not remove the pen from the paper even once, and you can’t cross an already drawn line.

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You can use a piece of paper to practice. How long did it take to figure out the right answer? Click on the image to check it.

3. Move two matchsticks

In this picture, you can see three triangles made of matchsticks. They are all equal in size.

The task is to move 2 matchsticks to form 4 equal triangles. Did you cope with this puzzle fast? Click on the picture to see the right answer!

One of the efficient ways to develop your logical thinking is solving puzzles and logic games. We are happy to give you a nice brain workout. Hungry for more? Then come back for more interesting tests!

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