Woman Diagnosed With Lung Cancer After Facebook Friends Noticed Something Unusual About Her Fingernail

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August 13, 2018 12:14 By Mambee

A woman who chose to heed her friends' warning on social media may have just saved her own life. 

The silent killer that is lung cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancers, according to Cancer.org. It affects hundreds of thousands of people yearly and not many people survive.

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The chances of surviving this disease depend on how quickly it is caught. The earlier the stage, the more likely the patient will be cured. 

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The nail mystery

Jean Williams noticed something odd about her fingernails and decided to share a picture on Facebook. While most fingernails grow straight and forward, one of hers was curved and growing downward straight from the nail bed.

She posted the photo and asked if anyone had seen anything like it, thinking it was just some random stuff. However, her Facebook friends soon began urging her to go and see a doctor. 

Jean was a little shocked at their reaction as she had never considered that the nail thing could be a big deal.

In a later post, which she shared with the Wigan Today Facebook page, she revealed that she did indeed go to a hospital.

2 weeks ago I posted this pic on my wall asking if anyone had seen nails like this. A few google post later and i was urged to go to the Doctor. A tad extreme I thought. I was rushed for blood tests and a chest X-ray, 2 days later I got a phone call to go for a CT scan, 2 days later a PET scan and more blood test, the day later a breathing test on my lungs and a scan on my heart, the day later an MRI scan then a lung biopsy.
After a grueling 2 weeks, yesterday I got my results.......Cancer in both my lungs !!!!.
When your nails curve its often linked to heart and lung disease and its official term is " clubbing" I had no idea...Did You????
Hope this post can help someone else in the early stages of cancer.

There, they did a whole bunch of tests and, about two weeks later, Jean learned that she had cancer on both her lungs. She discovered that curved nails can be linked to heart and lung diseases, something she never knew about before. 

Toenails can also reveal cancer risk

According to a 2011 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, toenail clippings can predict lung cancer. For the study, scientists measured the nicotine levels in the clippings and discovered that those with a higher level of nicotine were three times more likely to get cancer than those whose levels were low. 

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Smokers and non-smokers were studied and it was found that some of the non-smokers actually had high levels of nicotine in their toenails, which the study presumed was caused by being passively exposed to smoking.

What we can all learn here is that the safest thing to do when we notice something odd about our body is to seek medical help. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

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