Popular Fitness Blogger Went Without Shaving For A Whole Year As A Catalyst For The ‘Natural Beauty’ Movement

Date April 11, 2019

Beauty is a relative phenomenon, and people express their definition of it in different forms.

For many, beauty is being comfortable in their own skin while others believe in extravagant styles, such as lavish jewelry, outfits, footwear and so on.

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Recently, many women are opting for natural looks. They believe that women don’t have to alter their God-given appearance in order to fit in.

As a result, the latest movement in vogue is the ‘hairy women’ trend, which popular fitness blogger, Morgan Mikenas, also participated in.


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In a YouTube clip, Morgan revealed the reasons behind her joining the trend. She explained that her intent is not to eliminate humanity's need to shave their armpits and body hair.

“I just want to inspire others to do what works for you, what makes you feel the most comfortable.”

The blogger had once been bullied for having leg hairs during a gym class, which was one of her motivations to join the trend.


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Furthermore, she revealed that her boyfriend supports her decision, and loves her just the way she is.

Morgan has kept her body hair for as long as a year now, and she is happy with it despite what society has to say.

Morgan believes that people at large should not make decisions for you when it comes to your looks.

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She hopes to achieve a point where people aren't afraid to choose who they want to be; a world where standing out doesn't result in being castigated. Morgan also said:

“I think it’s unfair that people think they have to be in this cultural norm. Just do whatever makes you feel good.”

The motivational video has been viewed 2 million times since its upload on her YouTube page.


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A reputable photographer, Ben Hopper, advanced this campaign by using armpit-haired models for several photo shoots.

The movement is leaving its mark on the world, and it has been a catalyst of unity so far. We are glad to see people come together for a cause, regardless of the criticism.


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It is always inspiring to see people understand that their beauty is not dependent on society’s opinions.

Do you need more inspiration today? Here is a quick and easy tutorial that help any woman look fabulous!


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