"I Was Astounded!:" Meet The Mother Who Claimed She Lost Over 100 Pounds Without Doing Any Exercises

Date June 11, 2019

Anyone could tell you that losing weight isn't always easy. You have to make major lifestyle changes and even try methods that may not work. There is one mom didn't give up until she found a way to ditch the extra pounds.


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Teresa Venetoulis said she went from weighing about 224 pounds weighing 117 pounds, which meant she lost over a hundred pounds in ten months. What was even more incredible was that Teresa said she achieved this goal without requiring a gym.


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To kickstart her weight loss journey, Teresa chose to follow the Keto diet, which she said changed everything. She started eating healthier high-protein, high-fat meals and said goodbye to her previous carb-loaded diet of pizza, bread, and pasta.

While diets like this usually included exercise, Teresa said she didn't need them to reach her goal.


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She told the UK Sun that she started gaining weight after she had given birth to her son nine years before, and it was difficult to get back to her original size.

She revealed that she tried a bunch of different diets initially, but nothing seemed to work. While she lost weight on these diets, she gained them all back, and even more. Teresa described it as "frustrating."


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Eventually, her doctor suggested she tried the ketogenic diet to help her manage her weight. She was amazed by the results after losing about 28 pounds a couple of months into her journey.

In the first two months, I lost 2st. I was astounded. Nothing had ever worked before.

This inspired her to keep going and even she began intermittently fasting to melt off more of the weight.


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Teresa said she was super thrilled with how far she had come and was glad about the results.

I feel fantastic now that I’ve lost all the weight. It wasn’t just about slimming down, but it was about being healthy and the best mum I could be.


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It can be challenging to find a weight loss regimen that works for you, but stories like Teresa's are a reminder that, sometimes, all you have to do is keep trying until you get there.

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