Social Media Users Have The Most Hilarious Reactions After Men Show Off Their Style In ASOS Crop Tops

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June 3, 2019 19:09 By Mambee

One of the greatest things about fashion is that it's always evolving. There are new trends popping up regularly and, in many cases, people welcome these new styles with excitement. Somehow, the internet just couldn't get behind this one.

When fashion house ASOS debuted their range of men's crop tops, many people were quite confused. These tops come in a few different styles: some are long-sleeved and some are basically tube tops for men.

The launch of these tops was met with mixed reviews. Many people who saw it took to social media to express their opinions and they left the internet in stitches.

One Twitter user, Mike Arnold, shared pictures of a male model wearing the crop top and expressed his utter confusion.

It did not take long for others to share their views, too. Some ladies joined in, and a few of them implying that this was one look they would not approve of in their partner's choice of outfit.

While detailing the many perks of their product, ASOS described the Reclaimed Vintage bandeau as the ideal clothing to wear with a pair of jeans and "you're good to go." They also mentioned that it was "slim fit" and "cut close to the chest."

The tube tops for men go for £15 apiece (about $19) and is available in Small, Medium and Large.

The long-sleeved version also seemed to bother social media users, especially due to the fact that the male wearers would inadvertently expose their midriff.

Based on these responses alone, it's safe to say that we won't be seeing men trotting around the streets in these crop tops. Then again, we have to remember that some of the best fashion trends we have embraced over time once seemed controversial to some. So who knows, right?

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