"This Is Unhealthy!" Internet Users Blast Woman With World Biggest Hips Who Says She Absolutely Loves Her Shape

Date May 31, 2019

We can all agree that there are various body types and shapes in the world. And while people are encouraged to embrace their bodies, there have been some arguments that certain body types are healthier than others.


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When it comes to Mikel Ruffinelli, for example, internet users seemed to agree that her looks weren't as great as she proclaimed.


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According to the UK Dailymail, Mikel is only 5ft 4in and weighs about 420 pounds. She insisted that her shape is something many women envy. She explained that she loved her curves, hips and other physical attributes.


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While some might consider her overweight, Mikel said she didn't have any plans to diet. She said that she didn't have any health problems or worries which could justify a lifestyle change.

In her opinion, men are more attracted to curves like hers and would choose her hourglass figure over "skinny girls."


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She appeared on the documentary World's Biggest Hips, along with three other women, and she said that she loved having something that other women didn't and that made her feel special.


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Despite Mikel's confidence in her looks, there have been a few people who disagreed with her view that her shape was very much coveted. For most of them, it wasn't just about how she looked but the effect having that extra weight might have on her body.

Surely, everyone is entitled to their respective opinions but, from the look of things, Mikel couldn't be prouder of her appearance. And her conviction that there was nothing wrong with her healthwise might be her way of telling the world that people didn't need to worry so much about her.

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