Major Bra Mistakes A Lot Of Women Make And What To Do Instead

Date July 3, 2019

Bras are essential articles of clothing but, unfortunately, many people make some mistakes when it comes to what kind to wear and how to wear them.

The Good Housekeeping Institute recently published a pretty insightful article detailing the things most of us do wrong and how we can fix our mistakes. 

Not storing them correctly

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How you store your bra between washes is very important. They should be air-dried after use so the sweat and dirt do not fester and cause irritation or give off a funky odor. 

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You can either place them on a flat surface in an airy environment or store them on a hanger. Do not just shove them in a drawer. In addition, ensure you rotate your bras in such a way that they each get a break. Research shows that most women have two bras they wear on rotation and ignore the rest. This will cause the preferred ones to lose shape quickly.

How often do you wash?

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You may think that washing your bra after every single wear is the hygienic thing to do but you'd be wrong. If you wash them too often, they will lose their elasticity. The Good Housekeeping Institute advised that bras should be washed every three or four wears.

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When washing, you can place them inside a mesh bag or pillowcase to protect them. Do not tumble dry or hang from the straps as this also causes them to stretch. Hang them from the center where the cup meets and let them air dry.

Get the right size

Usually, women rotate between or two bras when they have a whole drawer full of them because those chosen ones are the ones that fit better. You shouldn't have to choose between wearing an uncomfortable or an unclean bra. Make sure you buy bras that fit. 

Before you make your purchase, visit a bra fitting expert and they will tell you exactly what size you should be wearing. The trained bra fitter will measure your body and tell you the correct size that fits perfectly. The goal is to find a flattering size that will give you a smooth silhouette.

These tips should help you keep your bras in a decent form for a very long time!

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