Lifestyle Changes & Makeup Tricks That Can Help Make You Look Younger

Date July 16, 2019

You can't stop time, but there are ways you can trick it, giving your hair, skin, and hands a much fresher look! Here are some minor lifestyle changes that can help you achieve significant youth-boosting results!

Lifestyle Changes & Makeup Tricks That Can Help Make You Look YoungerDeawSS / Shutterstock.com

Exfoliate your feet

Believe it or not, your feet reveal your age even more than your skin does. Try visiting your pedicurist at least once a month, all year round.

And don't forget about exfoliation. Use all-natural peppermint essential oil to give your feet an extraordinarily pleasant cooling effect.

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Fake fuller lips

Fuller lips make you look younger, especially if you know this makeup trick: Find a lip liner that matches the natural shade of your lips. Gently draw a line over your bottom lip and cupid's bow for a fuller pout. Top the lip liner with a gloss for additional glimmer and hydration.

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Apply SPF regularly

In fact, dermatologists believe that SPF 30 is the gold-standard of skincare. Apply SPF every day, not depending on whether it's shining or raining outside. Also be sure to apply a recommended dose of cream, as the majority of people apply just one-quarter of the amount of sunscreen recommended, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

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Stick to warm hair tones

Celebrity hairdresser Frederic Moine recommends avoiding ash, grey-like tones, as they make you look older. Instead, select warm and golden tones in a wide range of shades - they will provide your hair with a bright youthful look!

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Swap black for navy

Though most of us are used to black eyeliners, they don't do anything for us as we age. When women get older, the white of their eyes become yellow. That's enough reason to replace black eyeliners with navy ones, as it can brighten the whites of your eyes significantly.

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Keep your teeth white for longer

It's no secret that foods such as barbecue sauce or soy sauce can stain your teeth. However, teeth-saving swaps exist, and they are easy - replace soy sauce with fresh herbs or fruity mango salsa. It's going to be both tasty and helpful.

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Embrace thick eyebrows

Filling in the gaps along your eyebrows will make your brows bolder, creating the impression of a younger face. Just make sure you use natural-colored eyebrow pencil or powder.

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Disguise wrinkles

Though we cannot get rid of wrinkles, we can pump the fine lines temporarily. According to facialist Julia March, a few droplets of rose-hip or jojoba essential oil can effectively help you out.

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Your age isn't your face - it's your hands

Remember to exfoliate your hands. It should become your day-to-day ritual, as important as brushing your teeth. Choose a cream that contains olive oil, aloe vera, and glycerin - they'll exfoliate your skin more effectively.

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Choose peach or pink blush

All you need to lift your cheekbones is a natural skin glow and a healthy skin color. Stick to pink or peachy blush tones: They will brighten up your skin, leaving a beautiful radiant finish.

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Go to bed an hour earlier

This is probably the easiest guideline to follow. According to neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta, falling asleep earlier can improve your skin, lift up your spirits, and even reduce those annoying dark circles under your eyes. Make sure you get enough doze-off: About 8 or 9 hours every night.

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Now you know that there's no need for plastic surgeries, medicine, or expensive salon treatments: All you need to look younger is giving the tips above a try!

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