9 Foods To Avoid For A Flat, Toned Belly: From French Fries To Ice Cream

Date July 31, 2019

Many people want to shed extra weight, especially some extra pounds of fat in their stomach area. Even people who are slim can also have this problem. Eliminating fat and belly requires a lot of focus, time and dedication. The most important thing to know: it's not just about your time at the gym. You are what you eat, so you should be careful with drinks and foods you eat every day. It is the key to success.

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If you are working on your belly fat, then one of these foods and drinks could keep you up.

1. Fast food

Fast food is generally unhealthy. It contains too many calories and sometimes it is the only reason why people cannot get that toned belly.

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2. High-sodium foods

Eating too much sodium leads to fluid retention, and you may feel and look puffy. It can be also a reason why you can't get rid of the belly fat. .

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3. Chewing gum

Chewing gum makes your stomach think you are about to eat something, so it starts to produce stomach acid. As a result, you tend to feel hungry and will eat more. It is better to avoid chewing gums even if they are sugar-free. If you can't, chew gum right after your meal and for no more than 20 minutes.

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4. Soda

Even when they claim to be low in calories, soda drinks can slow your metabolism down.

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5. French fries

Fried foods absorb saturated fats that are unhealthy. Moreover, they are not very filling, so you can eat up to 20 pieces of fried potato without even realizing it.

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6. Mayonnaise

It contains mostly fat (80% in fact). Choose natural tomato paste or other natural sauces for your salad dressing.

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7. Ice cream

Usually, ice cream is loaded with sugar and it turns into abdominal fat easily.

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8. Foods that make you feel bloated

Some foods can make you feel extremely full, tired and bloated as they can induce intestinal gas. Avoid such foods to look more toned and feel better.

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9. 'Sugar-free' products

Cookies, bread, gum, etc. that labeled to be sugar-free often replace sugar with substitutes, which are not much healthier. Avoid such foods.

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Instead of devoting your energy to finding ways around eating these bad foods without repercussions, how about you just focus on banishing them completely from your diet?

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