Saved By Good Samaritan: Woman Trapped In Floodwaters Called Family To Say Good-Bye, But Then A Stranger Gave Her A Hand

Date October 22, 2018

A woman from Blairs, Virginia, who almost died in the floodwaters, says she is alive due to the selfless act of kindness from a stranger! This is the type of stories we all need to hear more often.

Kim Drawdy was driving to work on October 11 when her car was swept away from the road by the water. The flood emerged quickly and it was impossible to resist that massive power of nature.

Fearful for her life, Drawdy made her final phone call to talk to her family. She told WSET:

I called my husband and my kids to tell them goodbye and that I loved them. I hit a wall of water and immediately started floating towards the riverbank.

The woman tried her best to escape from the vehicle, but it flipped over. Her leg got stuck in the debris, and she struggled to free herself for about 20 minutes. Just when she was over-exhausted, a stranger grabbed her hand.

I fell into his arms and started bawling like a baby because he just saved my life.

The young man’s name was Billy Wilson, and he rushed to the rescue without a shade of doubt. He was getting home but stopped when he saw someone in trouble. 

Now, the survivor credits the man for her being alive. She found a way to repay him for his kindness by creating GoFundme page in order to help him and his little daughter restore damages caused to their house by the flood.

A week later, Drawdy and Willson reunited and the woman could not be grateful enough. Willson told WDBJ7:

Its just something I knew that had to be done I couldn't just see someone out there and not do anything, I'm not that type of person.

I don't think I deserve any recognition for what I've done.

People who live in flood-prone areas have to be extra precautious about the warnings concerning dangerous weather conditions. If you are at risk, stay away from bridges over fast-moving waters.

Do not get into the floodwaters, do not try to move through them. Stay on the highest level you can find. Ready informs that 6 inches of floodwaters can knock a man down, and 1 foot can sweep any vehicle away. Stay safe by preparing for natural disasters in advance.

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