Fake Baby Trend: Why Grown-Up Women Love Playing With Life-Like Silicone Baby Dolls. Is That Weird?

Date May 22, 2019

Some hobbies are quite traditional. You can’t surprise anyone with horse riding, knitting, or gardening. But some people choose a little more extravagant way to pass the time.


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Playing with silicone dolls, which are very life-like, has been popular for a long time now. The most passionate collectors of fake babies took it to another level by creating blogs and finding thousands of fans.


Допис, поширений baby inka (@rebxorn)

Those dolls are called reborns. They are crafted so skillfully that onlookers can really take them for real infants. The soft and flexible silicone toys seem so alive with this skin, fingers, toes, and hair.


Допис, поширений baby inka (@rebxorn)

Their holders, or mommies, change them, dress them, feed and then pat them on the back for a burp. They give them a bath and put them to sleep in cribs.

These women claim they know the babies aren’t real, but the internet users have major doubts.


Допис, поширений baby inka (@rebxorn)

Sabrina, a popular YouTube blogger, said:

There’s something about them, I can't really explain it … I love to hold and cuddle them. And I love to make videos with them. They help me when I'm upset. It's just an amazing hobby.

Still, people find it weird and even creepy. So, why playing with a fake baby triggers such a negative reaction?

An emotional reaction to seeing life-like dolls is called an Uncanny Valley. This phenomenon explains why we freak out by seeing an artificial creature that looks exactly like a human being. People feel discomfort as they experience a conflict between what they see – a real person – and the realization that it is just a doll.  

Subconsciously, we feel a hidden threat coming from them.

It does not occur to the reborn holders, though. They love their silicone babies and enjoy playing mommy. They even take their dolls outside and introduce them to others as real children.


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Psychologists say this hobby isn’t that bad. It helps women who can’t have children or who experienced the loss of their own newborns. Role-playing contributes to overcoming depression and anxiety. It also can become great training before welcoming a real child into the family. However, like any hobby, it should not become an obsession, which leads to strong attachment and addiction to the doll. 

People's hobbies are as different as they are, there is no doubt about that. How do you feel about this one, though?

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