15-Minutes Workout To Help Cut The Back Fat And Remove The Bra Bulge Effectively

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April 23, 2018 14:04 By Mambee

Shedding weight is the goal of the many, but sometimes we stumble upon the obstacles on the way. One of them is lack of supervision. Not everyone can afford to spend few hours a day in the gym and hire a coach. But when we are determined and goal-oriented, everything is possible.

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There are plenty of free workouts on the Internet! However, if you struggle to find the set of exercises for your back, which can help you tone the muscles and reduce fat at home, we have one for you!


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The lean back is achievable! It is important to remember these tips though:

1. Fat does not burn locally. If you dream to get rid of bra bulge and those fat folds on the back, you should combine cardio with strength training. 

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2. Fuel your body with the right food! Avoid sugary products, processed food, and switch carbs for proteins in the evening. Proper diet is 80 percent of success!

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3. Challenge yourself – adding more weight gradually will stress your muscles and give you a nice burn – this is when you know that the exercises are working!

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In order to strengthen your muscles on the back, we suggest you these 5 exercises.

Perform the three rounds. You work for 50 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds between the exercises! Ready? Go!


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Repeat this workout two times a week!

Fitness enthusiasts who train at home are real heroes – the home atmosphere is rarely inspiring for workouts, but those pushing themselves over the limits and fighting the laziness achieve the desired results!

This program can be great for total beginners, but when you feel that your body has already adjusted to it - increase the number of repetitions or the intensity. Or just change the workout to give more stress to muscles.

If you are looking for the workout to cut your back fat, this one may help you to build the back you have been dreaming of!

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