8 Signs To Help You Understand That Your Liver Is Failing

Date April 27, 2018

While we pay more attention to heart and lungs, liver remains neglected. This body organ is crucially important for the normal functioning of the digestive system. It is literary the bodyguard of our health, and it is doing the dirtiest work – removes toxins, eliminates the rubbish and cleans the blood!

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Every minute it is processing the 30 percent of the blood, checking the nutrients from your food and making fats and proteins work for the wellbeing of the body.

These are the reasons we have to cherish the liver and care for it as much as it cares for us!

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If the liver is failing, it can lead to the shutting down of all the body functions. So pay attention to the symptoms, which inform you about the liver disorders.

1. Jaundice – the condition that makes your skin and eyes get yellow. It happens because the liver’s damage prevents it from processing the bilirubin, the yellowish substance in the blood.

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2. If you notice swelling of the abdomen or you suffer from abdominal pain, it can be the sign of the enlarged liver.

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3. Swelling in legs and ankles. It can be caused due to the damaged liver that fails to eliminate the excess fluids from the body, so it keeps accumulating in the legs.

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4. Itchy skin. Even if the skin looks absolutely normal, you may experience an itch. Besides the liver problems, it can indicate kidney damage, thyroid problems, and cancer.

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5. Pay attention to your urine. The failing liver makes it dark colored.

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6. You can tell the liver problems by the color of your stool. It may become pale, bloody or tar-colored.

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7. Bruises. The tendency to bruise easily can indicate liver damage. It happens because it stops processing the proteins which provide the blood clotting.

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8. Loss of appetite, chronic fatigue along with nausea may indicate the liver damage as well.

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Liver diseases have numerous causes, however, you have to understand the risk factors which influence its health. Obesity, diabetes, exposure to toxins and chemicals, exposure to other people’s blood, unprotected sex may increase risks of developing liver diseases.

Stay alert, and take care of your liver by healthy eating, quitting harmful habits and protecting yourself from the toxic environment! If you notice the symptoms listed above, seek the medical attention as soon as possible. Remember, it is easier to prevent than cure.

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