Full-Body Workout For Fit And Toned Figure That You Can Do Anywhere

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September 14, 2018 16:32 By Mambee

Everyone is well aware of the importance of physical exercises. Their benefits go far beyond the weight loss. Regular physical activities ward off the cardiovascular diseases, promote better sleep, improve the level of energy,  and fight depression and anxiety.

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Active life helps us get a toned and strong body, and apart from making us feel better physically, it builds a solid self-confidence.

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However, we keep searching for excuses. Sometimes, the workouts require a huge amount of time, that includes the way to and from the gym. Some exercises are too complicated and require different pieces of equipment that discourage us from getting active at home or on a trip.

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But it’s always better to find a way out! Here is the full-body workout that you can do anywhere, using just one weight. It can be a dumbbell, or a bottle of water, or anything heavy enough that you can find around you.

Let’s get started!

1. Woodchop + Squat

Targets core, shoulders, legs, glutes.

2. Back lunges + Biceps curl

Grab your weight with both hands and as you perform the back lunge, bring the weight to the chest, bending your elbows.

3. Deadlift + Shoulder press

This exercise works on your glutes, hips, core, and shoulders.

4. Plank + Single dumbbell row

In a plank position, every single muscle is engaged – hands, abs, chest, and legs. By adding a single dumbbell row, you target the back muscles additionally.

5. Plie squat + Front raise

Plie squat is great for inner thighs, while the front dumbbell raises work on the shoulders.

These 5 exercises are a fun and effective way to help tone your body! Perform 20 repetitions for each side. However, you can manage the intensity according to your own fitness level. If you feel this fitness routine is too hard, grab a light weight, like a small bottle of water, or a ball.

If you don’t challenge yourself enough, try to speed up, or do from 2 to 3 rounds of all 5 moves.

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Apart from regular weight training that you can perform 2 or 3 times a week, consider adding cardio exercises to speed up your results. One of the most important factors that play a key role in getting a toned body is nutrition. Make sure you stick to the healthy eating and reduce calories intake during the day.

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Do not pursue unrealistic goals, your body is unique and it responds to sports activities, as well as to a certain diet pattern in its own way. The most important part of the active life is to enjoy it to the fullest, and be consistent, and self-disciplined in reaching your goals!

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