What Not To Do In The Gym: These Exercises Should Be Avoided If You Want To Sculpt A Feminine Body

Date April 24, 2018

In the pursuit of the perfect figure, many women may get confused because of the rich variety of exercises and training techniques. Moreover, the weights may scare them off!  However, it is important to understand that the heavy weights are not your enemies.

Weight training is very beneficial for women, as they engage muscles into substantial work, and burn more calories than cardio exercises.

The moderate training does not let you build the massive muscles, so it should not be one of your concerns. 

The perfect feminine body is all about proportions! That is why you have to avoid these training mistakes, which can prevent you from sculpting the elegant shapes.

  1. Getting obsessed with abs exercises.

This is one of the biggest mistake women make in the gym or training at home. Working your abs too much and too often won’t bring you the flat belly. It may lead to the abdominal muscles hypertrophy, so your stomach will even enlarge.

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The exercises for side belly muscles should be avoided, as they grow bigger, your waistline gets wider.

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Performing abs workout two times a week would be enough. It is recommended to strengthen the core and inner muscles with the following exercises.


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  1. Shoulder shrugs.

This exercise rocks the trapezius muscles, and there is no need to enlarge them for women. So it is better stip this one.


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If you have narrow shoulders, it is better to work them with these moves. They will make your shoulder muscles recognizable and round, and create the perfect hourglass shape, making the waistline look smaller visually. 

Tugging the weights to the chin.

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Side lateral raise.

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Front dumbbell raise

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Shoulder press.

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Do not avoid upper body exercises, because the proper proportions and equally developed shoulders and hips make the figure so attractive and feminine. 

  1. Wrong techniques of the legs exercises.

The feminine shapes do not presuppose massive quadriceps. However, working out with heavier weights will not look your legs massive, but only well-shaped. Many women make a mistake, thinking that performing legs exercises can help them sculpt the round shaped.

Another mistake - wrong technique and concentrating on one muscle group, trying to develop the lagging group of muscles neglecting the successful one.

Legs extension develops the quadriceps. 


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These movies hit the back side of the legs. 

Glute bridge

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Donkey kicks.

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Do not let the weights scare you! Develop what you are awarded by nature and enjoy your body trying to explore and build its muscles in the most desirable form.

It takes time and efforts, and probably the hardest thing is following the clean diet. However, now you know what not to do in the gym, and can plan your workout considering your fitness goal!

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