Experts Explain That Sleeping On The Left Side Is The Ticket To Better Health And Better Sleep

Date July 16, 2019

It's a little-known fact, but sleeping on the left side is critical for a person's physical and emotional well-being. This statement derives from Ayurveda, a holistic approach to medicine and health that stems from India.

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Believe it or not, sleeping on the left side is very good for our back, heart, emotions, and even to our digestive system. Here are expert reasons why lying on the left side while catching a few Zzzs may be very beneficial.

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It's perfect for pregnant women

Doctors recommend that pregnant women spend more sleeping time on their left side for many reasons. First of all, it improves their blood circulation. Secondly, it relieves back pain, which is essential for all future moms. In addition, sleeping on the left side keeps the uterus from squeezing the liver, simultaneously increasing blood flow to the uterus, the fetus, and the kidneys.

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It cleans up the lymphatic system

According to Ayurveda, the left side of your body is the dominant lymphatic side. When you sleep on this side, you help your body filter lymph waste via the lymph nodes. In addition, scientists discovered that sleeping on the left side may help the body process waste from the brain.

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It’s good for your heart

Even if you don't have a pregnancy bump, sleeping on the left side may still help you relieve pressure in your heart, as this sleeping position can boost blood circulation, and thus improve heart functioning.

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Keep in mind that this is only true for a healthy heart. If you have chronic congestive heart failure, sleeping on your left side can increase the risk of swollen lungs. Therefore, if you have any heart problems or disease, be sure to ask your doctor to recommend the ideal sleeping position for you.

It may reduce heartburn

According to one study, lying on the left side helps reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. It happens because your stomach basically lies on the left side. It's worth mentioning that the effects of lying on the left side are immediate. If you feel heartburn after eating, take a 10-minute pause and lie on your left side. You may feel the relief almost immediately.

It may relieve back pain

People suffering from chronic back pain can relieve the pressure in the spine by sleeping on their left side.

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It may improve digestion

Left-side sleeping allows the food waste to move from the intestine into the colon more easily. In addition, sleeping on the left side helps your pancreas and stomach hang naturally, which can keep all the digestive processes humming.

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As you can see, sleeping on the left side has a wide range of health benefits. If you want to make a switch to left-side sleeping, you need some time to get used to this new sleeping position. However, with the help of a few simple strategies, making the switch will be a piece of cake.

Start by putting a small body pillow behind your back to prevent you from rolling off to your right side. In addition, sleeping on the opposite side of the bed may also help you out, as you won't feel much different from your normal sleep orientation.

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Also, don't forget to choose a mattress that provides maximal comfort for side sleeping. Make sure that this mattress allows your spine to rest naturally and helps relieve the pressure in your hips and shoulders.

Try sleeping on your left side for a few weeks, and you may make it a regular healthy habit! Remember: Whatever sleeping pose you choose, you should feel comfortable before, during, and after dozing off. That's the recipe for healthy and happy living.

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