Canadian Man Finally Opens A Gift Ex-Girlfriend Gave Him Before Their Breakup 47 Years Ago

Date December 12, 2018

When you are given a gift, you are expected to open it immediately. When it is from someone who has just broken your heart, though, we can understand it if you sulk a bit and refuse to open it.

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However, choosing not to open it for almost 50 years is extraordinary!

It was 1971 and Adrian Pearce, from Edmonton, Canada, was a 17-year-old in his first serious relationship. As the holidays drew near, he looked forward to a nice Christmas with his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, his heartthrob, Vicki Allen, had other things in mind. When they met up, she handed him a wrapped present then proceeded to break up with him. Ouch!

As you can expect, Pearce was deeply upset and walked away. When he got home, he just dumped the present by the Christmas tree and vowed not to open it and move on with his life.

He married eventually got married to someone else and had kids. Interestingly, he stuck by his decision for decades. We wonder how his curiosity didn’t get the best of him.

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Finally, his wife could not take it anymore and told him to stop putting the present by the tree every year. Yet, she never pressured him to open it. She just didn’t want it by her tree.

Canadian Man Finally Opens A Gift Ex-Girlfriend Gave Him Before Their Breakup 47 Years Agotommaso79 / Shutterstock.com

The moment of truth finally came when Vicki Allen herself traveled down to his city to open it for him. The ex-lovers sat on a stage in a packed café while Pearce’s family looked on from the audience.

The tense energy in the atmosphere was almost palpable, for even Allen had forgotten what was in the package.

As the wrapping paper fell away, a small book titled ‘Love Is: New Ways to Spot That Certain Feeling’ was revealed. The irony of it had Allen exclaiming,

“Oh no! I can’t give that to him.”

Pearce was touched by the gift and the condition it was in. The mystery of 47 years was finally uncovered. Meanwhile, Pearce said he would frame the gift to remind himself of how innocent he was as a teenager.

His family and Vicki Allen have remained friendly and, if you ask us, that is truly magnificent.

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