Police Officers Help Dig Out A Senior Citizen Who Was Trapped Indoors By Snow

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March 13, 2019 12:46 By Mambee

The Police force in Ottawa, Canada, went the extra mile to rescue an elderly man who was trapped inside his house due to heavy snowfall.

Ottawa has experienced more than 260cm of snow from November to March, reaching a record-breaking depth of 97cm in January.

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By the middle of February, a snowstorm caused the schools in the city to close down for the first time in years.

This was the same snowstorm that confined an elderly man in his 70s to his house for weeks without any way of escape.

Concerned neighbors called the police and explained that they had not seen their fellow neighbor in a while, thus they requested a wellness check.

Police Officers Help Dig Out A Senior Citizen Who Was Trapped Indoors By SnowSean Locke Photography / Shutterstock.com

When the Police arrived at the man's house, they found his driveway covered by several feet of snow, and his car was completely buried in the snow.

Fearing the worst, they made their way to the front door and knocked. The elderly man replied that he was alive and well but he was alone.

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Police Officers Help Dig Out A Senior Citizen Who Was Trapped Indoors By SnowNadino / Shutterstock.com

Apparently, the man had heat installed, power supply and access to a phone and so he decided that he would ration his food and wait till the snow cleared rather than call for help.

The senior citizen was content to continue his home-bound life, but the three police officers would have none of that.

The trio joined forces and decided to dig and clear a path through the snow to the elderly man's front door.

They also called in municipal workers, with city equipment, to assist in removing large deposits of ice that had accumulated at the end of his driveway.

The officers spent almost 2 hours digging and toiling in the snow, and with the help of a snowblower they borrowed from a neighbor, they made a clear path to the man's front door.

The officers also brought him groceries and they asked other city services to continue to check on his well-being.

Const. Amy Gagnon, the spokeswoman for the police department, said that although the elderly man was very appreciative of the efforts of the police, he wanted to stay anonymous.

It is heartwarming that people are still very concerned about their neighbors' wellbeing and this attitude should be encouraged.

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