Man was sent home for wearing a short then he came in dress

Man Defies Dress Code In 'Protest' And Wears A Dress After Being Sent Home For Wearing Shorts

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June 3, 2019 17:40 By Mambee

Most times, it is difficult to stick to office dress codes because they can be quite restrictive. What makes it worse is when the day dawns with unfavorable weather, thereby limiting your options. What do you do in such a situation?

One man decided to take matters into his hands in a rather gutsy manner. Trust us, you will love this.


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20-year-old Joey Barge, from Buckinghamshire, is a call center worker. At the peak of a heat wave, when temperatures rose to 30 degrees Celsius, he decided to wear a pair of black shorts to work.

One would think that the company would be understanding.

Barge took to Twitter to post a picture of himself in the shorts, with the caption:

"If women can wear skirts/dresses at work, can I wear small shorts like so?"

However, the answer to that was a big no as he soon added that he had been sent home for dressing inappropriately.

Shortly afterward, he posted another picture in which he was wearing a pink dress. Yes, a dress! You read that right! He went to work in the dress, but not before predicting that he would be sent back home.

Interestingly, after the post gained some traction because netizens recognized it as a silent protest of the unequal rights in some work environments, the company took the high road.

An email was sent in which a slight tweak to the dress code had been made. In view of the warm temperatures, 'gentlemen in the workplace' were allowed to wear 3/4 length shorts of beige, navy or black colors only.

Barge called it a partial win but, of course, Twitter users were incensed on his behalf.

One user commented:

Others added:

A few people may not have agreed with the approach employed here, but we all can say that it yielded great results. It sounds like a win-win to us!

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