Woman Sends Out Important Warning After A Pressure Cooker Left Her With 2nd Degree Burns

Date November 22, 2018 17:40

A woman named Amanda Cryderman is opening up about how a pressure cooker left her with severe burns

Amanda was excited about purchasing her very own electric pressure cooker. It prepared meals really fast, and the working mom was glad about how much time it saved her. However, things took a bad turn some weeks ago. 

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In a Facebook post, Amanda revealed that, on October 28, 2018, everything changed. She was preparing meals for her family when the cooker beeped that the food was done. She switched the valve so the steam could be released, and then she left to give her dog a bath.

When she returned, she checked that there was no more steam to be released. She unlocked the cooker and lifted the lid. And that was when the cooker:

shot up like a rocket and the soup exploded all over me.

The hot soup and steam burned the right side of her face, her head, right shoulder, her chest, and her arm. She and her husband called for help and paramedics arrived within minutes. Amanda was taken to a hospital, where she was treated for second-degree burns.

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Blisters were appearing all over the affected areas. She went back to the hospital and had to undergo a painful procedure involved in caring for the injury and debridement of the burns.

As she recovers from the accident, Amanda shared the one lesson she has learned from the excruciating ordeal:

If I may give you one piece of advice- dump the Instapots and electric pressure cookers. They aren't worth it. Slow down. Take the time to cook with love.

Many people took to her post to offer their sympathies and wished her a full recovery.