18-Year-Old Boy Invents A Bra That Could Detect Breast Cancer After His Mother Was Diagnosed With The Condition

Date February 19, 2019

While some people find themselves paralyzed in the face of terrible circumstances, others are inspired. And this Mexican teenager is the latter.


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Julian Rios Cantu was only 13 years old when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now. years later, he has invented a bra that could potentially save millions of lives by revealing the early warning signs in women developing the condition. 


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In 2017, when Julian was 18 years old, he and his three friends devised what they dubbed the 'Eva' bra. It contains certain biosensors that notice any changes in the breast and give out a warning if there is something to be concerned about. 

According to the UK DailyMail, the Eva bra has 200 biosensors that observe the temperature, shape, and weight of the breasts. All this information is be stored in an app that the woman can monitor. 


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The bra does not need to be worn 24/7, however. Women only need to wear it for only 60-90 minutes a week 

Julian and his team formed Higia Technologies as the parent company of this invention and, in honor of their achievement, the company won the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) in Frankfurt, Germany.

Even though the bra is still a prototype, according to the BBC, Higia Technologies won a $20,000 grant to further develop the device.


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While the auto-exploration bra is theoretically promising, it's yet to be approved and has not undergone trials. Anna Perman, from the Cancer Research UK, explained that increased blood flow, which the bra monitors, isn't always a reliable sign of breast cancer.

At present, there is no evidence to show whether this bra is a reliable way to detect tumors , and it's certainly not a good idea for women to use technology that hasn't been tested in good-quality scientific trials.


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The Eva bra still has to undergo a lot of testings, trials and approval stages before it can be recommended for use. But we certainly applaud Julian's desire to want to create something innovative and save lives. 

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