Simple Stretches To Help Relieve Lower Back And Hip Pain

Date October 5, 2018

A lot of things can cause lower back and hip pain. These days, many of us spend several hours daily in front of our computers and, sometimes, we don't consider how our posture is affecting our body.

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In addition to bad posture, other causes of lower back and hip pain include walking incorrectly, injury to the spine and hips, and improper lifting.

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This is why these stretches are very important. They keep you from having to depend on medicines for muscle pain. Here are 7 stretches to try.

1. The child yoga pose

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This position helps to stretch your entire back. Because it requires you to open your hips, you also stretch your glutes as well.

2. The figure-4 twist


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Make sure you do this on both sides, holding for 30 seconds each time. It helps to stretch the lower back and reduces pain in the hips. 

3. The cow-face legs

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You can hold this move for about 30 seconds. It helps to stretch out the outer hips and lower back.

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4. Knees to chest

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Bring both knees to your chest and hold them in place gently with your hands. Maintain the hold for about ten seconds then rest the legs on the floor. Repeat three times, maintaining this hold for ten seconds each.

5. The Bridge

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This exercise focuses on the muscles in the small of your back and also your glutes. Gently lift your buttocks until your body forms a flat surface then bring it back down. Do the up-and-down movement ten times.

6. The runner's lunge

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This stretch helps to strengthen the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles.

7. The Happy Baby Pose

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The yoga move opens up your hips, back, abdominals and so on. Hold it for ten seconds while remembering to arch your back upward. Release and repeat three times. 

The moves above can be done just about anywhere and they help release the tightness in the hamstrings, shoulders, hip flexors, abdominals, lower back, and your glutes.

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