Parents Are Being Warned About Kids' Slime: Some Brands Contain Dangerous Levels Of Chemic

Parents Are Being Warned About Kids' Slime: Some Brands Contain Dangerous Levels Of Chemicals That Can Be Very Harmful

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July 19, 2018 15:10 By Mambee

Toy slime has become one of the favorite playthings for children these days. However, experts are now warning that some slimes may be very dangerous for children.

According to a report by Which?, some tests were carried out on several brands of slimes and it was discovered that they contained four times more levels of boron than those permitted by the EU safety limits.

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When children are exposed to high levels of boron, they may experience irritation, diarrhea, vomiting, and cramps. 

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A 2010 study linked the high level of this chemical to such conditions as low birth weights, birth defects, and developmental delays.

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Adults who have been exposed to it can also suffer from fertility issues, and the chemical can harm unborn children as well.

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Since Which? published an earlier report detailing some of the dangerous slime brands, all eight of them have been discontinued from being sold on Amazon, according to the publication said. 

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They are raising more awareness in hopes that the unsafe slimes will be completely removed from the market, and the government should monitor the situation more strictly.

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While the permitted level of boron in children's toys is about 300mg/kg, Which? investigations show that some of the worst slimes contained up to 1,400mg/kg of boron.

Nikki Stopford, Director of Research and Publishing at Which? urged manufacturers to desist from making unsafe products, and asked parents to be extra careful.

Most parents with young children are probably very familiar with the slime craze, and they buy these toys under the assumptions that they are safe.

The photo above lists some of the worst brands of slimes in the market and parents should avoid them.

Source: Which?, ATSDR, UK Sun

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