Woman Was In Agony For 9 Days After A Cockroach Crawled Into Her Ear

Date June 14, 2018

Beware! Those tiny little critters can ruin your whole week. A Florida writer recently shared the story of how she was tormented for nine days after a cockroach crawled into her ear.

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Katie, who wrote about her experience in SELF magazine, said that she woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, feeling very uncomfortable. She described it as feeling like someone placed "a chip of ice" in her left earhole.

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She tried putting a cotton swab in there and that was when she felt whatever it was move. She was shocked and freaked out when she discovered two brown legs on the tip of the swab.

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She immediately called her husband who confirmed that, indeed, there was a roach in her ear. He tried to pull it out using a pair of tweezers but he only succeeded in pulling out more legs. The couple then decided they needed professional intervention. On their way to the hospital, Katie continued to feel the roach wiggle, moving deeper into her ear canal.

It was an awful feeling, one that was not necessarily painful, but psychologically torturous.

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The doctor put some Licodaine in her ear so it could kill the cockroach but for Katie, feeling the insect in the "throes of death" in her ear was the weirdest feeling. The roach did finally die and the doctor removed a few pieces of the insect. Confident that no part remained in Katie's ear, she was free to leave.

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Unfortunately, this is was not the end. Nine days later, during a routine appointment, Katie's doctor noticed a blockage in her ear. While flushing it out, they discovered more cockroach parts. She visited an ENT physician, who confirmed that parts of the cockroach remained.

The doctor then pulls out the entire head, upper torso, legs and an antenna.

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At that point, Katie just burst into tears. But, at least, her nightmare was over.

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How to remove a bug from your ear

What do you do if you ever find yourself in this situation?

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If the insect has crawled deep into your eardrum, avoid using any type of tools, as this can push it in even deeper. Go to the emergency room immediately. However, if it's closer to the outside, then try tilting your head towards the ground and wiggling the ear a bit. The bug may fall out on its own.

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A dropper or bulb syringe can also be used. Holding your head upright, pull the outer ear and pour a stream of warm water in there. Then tilt your head to the side to drain it out. if all else fails, seek emergency care so that a doctor can try to suction out the bug.

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If you do get it out, however, inspect the insect well to ensure it has all its parts and none of it is still lodged in your ear.

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