There Is A Good Reason Why You Should Never Hold Your Farts

Date September 27, 2018

We all know that farting is a natural process. However, it’s a private act and we tend to be ashamed of it.

It feels fine to relax and let the gas come out of your body when you’re alone, but once you have a company, intestine gas becomes one of the worst possible enemy and we try to resist as hard as we can.

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There is bad news about holding it in, though. Our fight against our body is doomed for defeat.

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The fart will come out anyway, but the longer we hold it, the stronger it gets.

Intestinal gas can be too smelly to bare due to sulfur-containing compounds produced by colon bacteria. The gas is a powerful mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane, so when you hold it, the pressure builds and, soon enough, it will overcome the sphincter's resistance.

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Is holding a fart harmful to your health? Even though there have been reports of serious consequences, it does not usually cause any major damage, but every case is unique. Holding intestinal gas can cause the following symptoms:

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  • indigestion;
  • abdominal pain;
  • abdominal cramps in case of trapped gas;
  • heartburn;
  • bloating,
  • excessive burping;
  • aperture hernia.

These consequences may differ in intensity for every individual.

Additional pressure within a digestive tract affects intestinal contractions. It means that excessive gas in the body increases peristaltic, which results in spasms and painful bowel movements.

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The worst-case scenario is getting diverticulitis. It usually affects elderly people, but if you hold farts too much, there is a chance of facing this condition much earlier. Diverticulitisis is an infection of the diverticula – the pouches in the wall of the colon formed because of too much gas pressure.

Also, it is quite natural not to be able to hold your farts while being pregnant due to increased progesterone levels.

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To hold or not to hold? While letting go may be uncomfortable, embarrassing and inappropriate for you and people around you, it’s important to remember that gas does not disappear, it needs to be expelled. You just have to choose a moment for that, o excuse yourself for a moment, in order to prevent the formation of excessive intestinal gas in future.

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