5 Effective Exercises For Toning Your Inner Thighs

Date September 12, 2018

Those who are well-familiar with regular physical exercises know that some muscles respond better than the others to certain exercises. Usually, areas that accumulate less fat get toned faster, but problem areas, such as the tummy, the inner thighs and the hips, remain flabby.

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If your goal is to get the inner thighs toned and strengthened, here are 5 effective exercises that can help you do it. Practice them every other day, and do from 15 to 20 repetitions each.

1. Side Lunge

Stand straight with your arms on your hips. Step to the side and squat on one leg. Keep your toes pointed outward a little bit.

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2. Curtsy lunge

Stand with your feet placed at shoulder width. Cross your left leg behind the right one, and go into a squat.  Return to the starting position and switch legs.exercises for inner thighs, workout for womenUndrey / Shutterstock.com

3. Plie squat

This kind of squat targets your inner thighs the best way possible. Stand with your food widely apart, your toes pointed outward. Go into a squat, pay attention to your knees, which should point outward as well, just like toes.

4. Supine Leg Drop

Lay down on your back, lift your legs up. Keep your hands extended to the sides to keep balance. Lower one leg to the side a slow as you can, then lift it up to the prior position. Switch legs.

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5. Ball squeeze

Lay down on your back, keep your knees bent. Place a small fitness ball between your knees, and lift your glutes up, focusing on squeezing the ball tight. This exercise engages the butt and inner thigh muscles.

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If you are just a beginner, do not use any weights at all for a start, but when you feel that your body is adjusting to the exercises, use a dumbbell for a better progress. Challenge yourself with additional weight and repetitions, in order to stress the muscles and get them changed.



No matter whether you do this workout as a set, or include these exercises in your typical fitness routine, the moves will only work if you remain consistent and hard-working.

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Tips for losing inner thigh fat:

Focusing on one spot to achieve weight loss locally does not work, that is why It’s a great idea to combine aerobic and anaerobic training. The anaerobic regime includes high-intensity workouts, or interval workouts, or working with weights, and it’s aimed at toning muscles and burning calories. It makes sense to work on large muscles groups too, such as legs, back, and chest, in order to set your body in a calorie-burning mode. 

The more work a muscle performs, the bigger it gets, so as a result, it needs more energy that can be taken from fat storage. 

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An anaerobic regime includes cardio training, such as swimming, jogging, bicycling, or any other active time-spending. Combining these two regiments can help you enhance the results dramatically. 


Nutrition is 80% of success, and without healthy eating, it’s impossible to cut extra fat. Remember: It’s all about in and out calories. You should burn more than you consume in order to achieve any effective weight loss, however, the quality of food matters, too.


What to avoid: High-sugar, high-sodium food and beverages; processed food, saturated fats, trans fats.

What is recommended: A balanced intake of healthy fats, complex carbs, and lean protein.

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By eating fresh and natural food, you will provide your body with decent fuel and it can only benefit your health.

Do not obsess over one part of the body!

Pursuing the runaway beauty standards can lead to unhealthy weight loss and that would harm your health drastically. Just as mentioned above, targeting inner thighs only is not enough. Engaging in a variety of physical activities and changing your eating habits are highly recommended. Besides, turning physical training into a fun daily habit can make you fitter and healthier.

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