Your Hair Style Can Reveal Interesting Details About Your Personality, Expert Says

Date September 14, 2018

The way we look speaks louder than words. Every part of our appearance gives away some personality traits, especially hair. Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and an author of the book The Wisdom Of Your Face, told Cosmopolitan that hair can reveal a lot about you. Here are 15 different types of hairstyles that can perfectly describe their owner.

1. Thick or thin hair?

If you are a lucky owner of a thick mane, you are most likely a stubborn, but a very strong willed person, who knows her own way. Women with thick hair are independent in their opinions and decisions. On the contrary, those having thin hair tend to rely on others more than on themselves. They are delicate and down-to-earth, and probably not fans of any extreme activities.


2. Wavy hair

The soft romantic waves on your head mean their owner is a sensitive person who can be easily hurt, despite of the tough camouflage sometimes. She has a high level of energy for creativity, deep emotions and love for freedom.  That is why monogamous relationships can be hard to maintain for these people.  Also, they appreciate their time alone.


3. Curly heads

The owners of natural curly hair are dynamic, energetic, passionate and fast. Seems like they have an engine! At the same time, they can find it hard to concentrate on one thing for too long, can be generous but overemotional and dramatic sometimes.


4. Ginger hair

Whether it’s your natural color or not, you do not like to complicate things, have a great sense of humour and love having fun! Romantic life isn’t always easy to the red-haired, as they may suffer from fear of rejection or take infatuation for love and plunge too deep into shallow affairs.


5. Straight hair that you want to curl

If you have a craving for curling your straight hear, it can mean you want to attract more positive things in your life. Maybe you are bored and tired of the routine, and by styling your hair this way, you expect to make some life changes.

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6. Curly hair that you want to straighten

There is a chance, you seek for inner balance and harmony. Probably, your life is too chaotic right now and your thoughts are confused.


7. Long hair with wash-and-go style

Women with long hair style are soft, creative, relaxed. They are more in touch with their inner feelings.


8. Medium-length hair with wash-and-go style

That kind of hair means its owner values logic and simplicity. She is competitive and direct, but at the same time can be impatient and frustrated easily.


9. Short hair with wash-and-go style

Women with this hairstyle usually likes to keep things simple. They do not like to hustle and fuss about anything. However, they probably don’t have a good connection with the inner feelings.


10. Messy hair

Messy hair, don’t care? Some women just throw a bunch of hair into a messy braid or let it hang unbrushed. If this is about you, it means you prioritize other people over yourself.


11. Neat hairstyle

Another extreme – spending hours in front of the mirror to make your hair look flawless and sophisticated. Women who cant leave the house without having hair perfectly styled are too anxious and stressed about the public opinion. They may be too self-critical or suffer from low self-esteem.


12. Extra-ordinary hair cuts

Some women decide to be creative when it comes to their look! They are out-of-the-box thinkers, and it’s not only about hair, thy are fun and willing to take challenges!


13. Blunt cut

If you get a blunt cut, you are probably a person who values simplicity and practical approach in everything. You are goal-oriented and ambitious.


14. Layered hairstyle

If you love the layered hairstyle, you are most likely a perfectionist. Sticking to the plan and completing one task after another makes you feel comfortable and peaceful.


Does your hair tell the truth about you? Women treat hair as a real treasure, displaying their personality through it’s color, length and styling. Even though they can change the style quite often, some features always remain the same.

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