Doctors Alert: Stay Away From This Food If You Are Over 40

Date June 5, 2018 16:14

It’s probably a well-known fact that aging makes more calories linger in the body, and we need to make an extra effort to keep in shape! It is not a myth: Metabolic processes slow down with age, thus preventing us from enjoying certain delicacies and midnight snacks.

Madelyn Fernstrom, Ph.D., director of the Weight Management Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and an associate director of the UPMC Nutrition Center in Pittsburgh, tells WebMD that starting at the age of 40, people need to eat 100 calories less a day. As we age, the muscle mass of our body decreases, and that means that high-caloric food transforms into fat instead of being burned as energy.

It is wise to adopt  healthy eating habits throughout your life! However, it is recommended to avoid certain types of food after turning 40 in order to avoid those extra pounds that are so hard to shed.

1. Soy sauce

Tasty soy sauce is used frequently and adds a special taste to your dishes! As innocent as it may seem, it contains a large amount of sugar and sodium salt that accumulates in the kidneys and in the joints.

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2. Canned vegetables

Although the vegetables bought in cans and glass jars may be tasty and ready to serve, they have harmful ingredients due to the marinade they are kept in, which basicaly consists of salt and sugar. You may think you have a healthy vegetable dinner, but, in fact, the way they are made packs you with many extra calories.

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3. Diet soda

This tricky word, “diet”, written on soda cans can mislead you. Those drinks still contain plenty of sugar, caffeine, and an excess of phosphorus and carbon acids.

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4. Flavor yogurts

Yogurt with strawberries or banana sounds like a healthy idea. If they are homemande, then, yes. However, those you buy at the store are rich in sugar. This high-caloric food may play a trick on you.

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5. Grape-nuts granola 

If you love eating granola for breakfast, you might want to change them for oatmeal! Some cereal combinations are packed with calories, extra sugar, and sodium.

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6. Peanut butter

It is not a good idea to consume peanut butter on a regular basis if you are over 40. It does have plenty of healthy benefits, from helping muscles to grow to the ability to fight heart diseases. However, it is not a magic pill! Each tablespoon contains 100 calories. Can you imagine how much you would eat in a sandwich? Those extra calories may just become fat deposit in the belly and hips.

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7. Margarine

Consuming margarine should be avoided at any age, but it will cause damage to your health after 40. It contains bad trans fats, which prevent body tissues from being properly hydrated.

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8. Microwave dinners

Food manufacturers created a quick and easy solution for busy people. Before even thinking of such an option, you must take into consideration that frozen food contains too much sodium that speeds up aging and stimulates water retention in the body.

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9. Baked products

Only if you eat pastries you make at home, with proper ingredients, baked food can do no harm to your health. Those in the stores are stuffed with trans fats and extra sugars, though, which contribute to weight gain.

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10. Snacks

Chips, Doritos, French fries – you name it! There are plenty, and they all contain an obscene amount of preservatives, taste intensifiers, and sodium, which are all bad for your skin, heart, and stomach, not to mention what they do to your weight!

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The quality of the food we eat always is reflected on the hair, skin, muscles, and joints. People do not get younger, unfortunately. After the age of 40, we notice that our bodies respond differently to the food we eat. By picking healthy and low-caloric products, packed with minerals and vitamins, it is possible to maintain our healthy and fresh look. Be healthy and eat well!

Source: BestLife

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