"The Progression of Alzheimer's Through My Mom's Crocheting": How Dementia Changes Our Brain

Date May 15, 2018 16:12

The user of Reddit shared a heartbreaking and a personal picture of the mother’s crochet knitting. The caption goes: “The Progression of Alzheimer's Through My Mom's Crocheting”.

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As the knitted samples become less sophisticated, symmetric and complete, we all can observe the woman’s health deterioration. This post went viral just because so many viewers could recognize the connection to their own stories.

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Unfortunately, there is no cure for the Alzheimer’s disease. It starts with the brain dysfunction, memory loss, changes in behavior and way of thinking. It progresses over time, making the symptoms worse.

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The complicated form of this brain dementia is complete memory loss, disability to carry on the conversation or to respond to an environment, and perform the simple routine tasks.

BlurryMe / reported that over 5.7 million people live with Alzheimer’s in America. Unfortunately, this number is expected to increase to 14 million by 2050. /


This dementia is also ranked number 6 death cause in the United States, killing more than breast and colon cancer. However, there is some good news as well.

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Recognized early, the symptoms of Alzheimers can be cured. Even if it is impossible to cure this disease completely, the early and accurate diagnosis gives a chance to slow it down. These are the early signs of dementia developing:

1. Memory loss: forgetting recently learned information, asking the same information over and over again, forgetting days and events.

2. Troubles while working with numbers, paying bills, following the recipes, doing the routine counting.

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3. Usual and familiar home routines may become difficult.

4. Confusing place and time.

5. Vision problems, especially confusing the colors and judging distance.

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6. Problems in speaking or writing, forgetting words.

7. Losing things at home, putting them in unusual places and accuse others of stealing.

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8. Troubles with decision making, especially when it comes to money spending.

9. Getting aloof, withdrawal from the leisure activities and hobbies.

10. Rapid mood changes.

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Do not overlook these early signals. Noticing these changes in a senior person’s behavior may help deal with dementia at the early stages.

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